Monday, March 2, 2009

In Iran, the American journalist was arrested for buying wine.

In Iran, was arrested on an American journalist, a freelancer Saber Roxana (Roxana Saberi), reports Reuters. The journalist, cooperates with such companies as BBC and NPR, was arrested by another 31 January 2009, however, aware of her detention was only in February.
According to her father, February 10, in a telephone conversation with the daughter reported that her arrest and the arrest was the cause of the alleged purchase of a bottle of wine. She also said that soon let her, asking his father not to report the arrest to the U.S. authorities. Later, however, the father of the journalist found that the purchase of wine - often a pretext under which people arrested in Iran for one reason or another.
Saber's father did not immediately contact the authorities, as requested by a daughter, but later was forced to do so, because it had no news. "We were forced to report it. Before, we had hoped that it will be able to settle without publicity," - he said, stressing that he does not know the true reasons for the arrest of the daughter.
According to his father, Saber, half-Iranian, arrived in Tehran for six years ago as a correspondent, but the later period of its accreditation expired, but it nevertheless remained to live in Iran, as well as interested in the culture of this country and there has been research.
In the U.S. Department of State agencies reported that no information on the arrest of the journalist.

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