Thursday, March 5, 2009

Conservative radioveduschy Rash Limbo led Obama in the debates.

American radioveduschy Rush Limbo (Rush Limbaugh) on Wednesday invited President Barack Obama to debate in a live broadcast, said USA Today. "You - one of the most gifted speakers of our time, so I think that Mr. President, you will be happy to take advantage of this opportunity," - said Limbo, which is a popular figure among conservatives, and most recently won a reputation as the informal leader of the Republican Party.
In his three-hour radio show which is broadcast on weekdays six hundred stations, Limbo makes fierce criticism not only Obama and his administration, but also the national leadership of Republicans, led by new chairman of the Republican National Committee stylus Michael (Michael Steele). According to radioveduschego, Steel, took office at a time of crisis the party is not fighting for the revival of the party, but to become a "star" the media.
Steele responded to criticism Limbo brutality, and on Saturday called the show the lead-conservatives "ugly" and "divisive" than caused widespread discontent among odnopartiytsev and was forced to apologize. On Monday, according to the channel CNN, Steele, the first ever black leader of the national Republican Party, said that just put a little inaccurate. " "There are people who are his words seem to be inflammatory, divisive and ugly. That's what I was trying to say, but it was so different," - justified by Steele.
On the same Saturday Limbo spoke at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where his lengthy speech elicited applause. Under the conditions of decline "Great Old Party", which in November, not only lost the presidential election, but Democrats ceded the election to the Senate and House of Representatives, the most highly paid radioveduschy in the country, according to the AFP, all the more confident is the resulting political vacuum: the Republicans lack of bright figures, can posopernichat with Obama.
This well-known sociologist John Zogbi (John Zogby) suggests that the nomination of aggressive Limbo as the informal leader of the Republican Party is likely to cause more harm than good. In any case, Democrats are keen to exploit the figure of Limbo for the attacks against opponents. In particular, the subject of satire have been an apology, which has radioveduschemu Steel.
For example, at the Democratic committee for the elections to the Congress a page that is called "Sorry, Rush." Users are invited to draw up a letter to Limbo, where they apologized for having called him (your choice) "opportunistic thrower of bricks," "ugly creatures" or "idiot." As a signature style and offered the names of the other Republicans who have had to apologize to Limbo.

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