Friday, March 6, 2009

Leading CNN declined the post of chief of the U.S. because of low wages.

SyuzhetyFormirovanie Administration Barak Obamy05.03.2009Federalnoe Emergency Management Agency headed by Craig FugeytVeduschy channel CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Thursday withdrew his candidacy for the post of chief physician in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama. That was reported by Fox News.
According to the well-known CNN moderator Wolf Blittsera (Wolf Blitzer), Gupta plans to continue to practice and work on the TV, so he decided to abandon his proposed post. In addition, explained Blittser, Gupta wants to spend more time with family and work as the chief physician of the United States would be deprived of such opportunities.
Meanwhile, according to one version, Gupta could not arrange the conditions of work as chief when Obame. Thus, previously a candidate for the post of Minister of Health - immediate superior Gupta - was Tom Deshl, but because of the tax scandal that has had to abandon the proposed post. After the withdrawal of candidatures Deshla Obama has decided to partially curtail future Acting head of the Ministry of Health, establish a separate office of Director for Health Reform. Thus, Gupta would have to report immediately to the two chiefs, which probably also did not like former candidate for chief doctors.
At the decision could affect Gupta and wages set for the chief physician of the United States. Thus, according to officially published figures, the salary Gupta for this post would be 153 thousand dollars a year, while now, working in the media and engaging in medical practice, he earns a lot more.
Dr. Gupta - a specialist in neurosurgery - on the CNN program is "House Call", writes the editorial column in the magazine Time, as well as collaborating with CBS News.
Note that the chief medical officer in the U.S. is primarily educational function - to inform the public about those or other health problems, as well as campaigns for the prevention of various diseases.

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