Saturday, March 7, 2009

For information about the attack on journalist Saratov promised a million rubles.

Saratov media "Sight-Info appointed reward of one million rubles for information on criminals, attacked journalist Vadim Rogozhina. The Director-General of "sight-Info Vadim Rogozhin had been beaten a few days ago, he was currently in hospital, his condition as critical.
Information on remuneration is available on the official website of "sight-Info." Representatives of the holding company promised to provide anonymity to all those who report any details of the attack on Rogozhina.
According to reports, the attacker assaulted a journalist in the porch of his house when he returned from work. The criminals attacked minced Rogozhin numerous head wounds. The journalist's colleagues believe that the attack relates to the profession of journalist, and that criminals were planning to kill the director of "sight-Info."
March 6, appeared in the media information that is identikit of one of the attackers at Rogozhina, but most images on the Internet has not been published.

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