Saturday, March 7, 2009

Henry Rollins will radioveduschim.

The former frontmen of American punk band Black Flag, Henry Rollins runs its program on the radio, reported on the website edition of New Musical Express. The premiere show of music held on Saturday, March 7, at a radio station in Los Angeles - KCRW.
The broadcast program will begin at 18:00 local time and last for two hours. Transmission Rollins will also be up on the official site of KCRW. Speaking of the compositions, which he intends to put on the air during his show, Rollins said that "it will mix with all the great songs of all time."
Note that a few years ago, Rollins has worked in radio: music stations carried the show on Indie 103.1, which now ceased to exist. According to the former leader of the California team, he's missed work radioveduschego and looks forward to return to the airwaves.
Rollins, who assembled the group after the collapse of the Rollins Band Black Flag in 1986, currently heads the publishing firm, which deals with the production of books, CD-and DVD-ROM drive. In addition, the musician continues to creative activity, recording albums in the conversational genre. Latest CD Rollins "Provoked" was released in 2008.

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