Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kazakh journalists held a silent picket.

The Alma-Ata, journalists held a picket near the building of the city court, Interfax reports. The staff of the Kazakh media protested against the ruling to recover from the newspaper Taszhargan "30 million tenge (200 thousand dollars) in favor of MP Romina Madinova.
Deputy offended that one of the publications of the opposition newspaper, he was named "latifundistom," and he demanded damages caused to his honor and dignity.
In the action involved about 50 people. Picket wore a bandage on the mouths and carried placards. To support the journalists came to about two hundred people.
One of the organizers of the action Tamara Kaleeva stated that "astronomical" amount of redress "the shame of the country." She told journalists that the organization has offered to Parliament legislation to regulate the amount of compensation for moral harm. According to her, the deputies did not respond to the proposals, as such suits are filed.

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