Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Publishers independently evaluated the market for advertising in the press.

The seven major publishing houses, together control about 60 per cent of the market press, self-rated media advertising revenues, writes Vedomosti. According to the publishers, ruble revenues from advertising in the Russian press for the year grew by 8,5 percent.
This is at variance with the data of the Association of Communications Agencies of Russia (ACAR) in mid-February, reported an increase in the market for eleven percent. In the release ACAR stressed that the growth estimate is preliminary.
Publishers of a letter to the ACAR, which was signed by representatives of "Kommersant", Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev, "Intermediagrupp", Independent Media Sanoma Magazines, "Burda", "7 days", "Arguments and Facts" and "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The exact contents of the letter is not disclosed, but the publishers, according to Vedomosti, dissatisfied with the assessment ACAR.
The appearance of the difference in estimates is a working process, and representatives of ACAR going to meet with publishers to discuss with them the methods of calculation. This was told Lenty.ru Vladimir Evstafiev, vice-president and co-chair a commission of experts ACAR, as well as the director of "IMA-press."
According to Acar, advertising revenues for the year the press have increased to 57.6 from 51.9 billion rubles, ie 11 per cent. This newspaper advertising revenues rose in 2008 to 18 per cent of journals - for 16 per cent, while advertising media - has declined by one percent.

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