Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mikhail Leontiev resigned from his post as chief editor of the magazine "Profil".

The prominent Russian journalist Mikhail Leontiev left the post of chief editor of the magazine "Profil", RIA Novosti reported on Monday, 2 March.
Publishing Director, Rodionov Publishing House "Alexander Zotikov told the agency that Mikhail Leontiev is not leaving the magazine and remains a work in its browser. Name the new chief editor of "profile", according to Zotikova, will be announced shortly.
Recall Leontyev headed to the publication in May 2007. Prior to this, the chief editor of the magazine was Georgy Bovt, now co-chairs of the "just cause".
In January of 2009 in the Russian media are already available information on the care of Mikhail Leontyev of the "profile", but then the representatives of the publishing house rejected it. It should be noted that Leont'ev was widely known through the work on television projects, in particular the transfer of "However" at the "First Channel".

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