Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The owner of The New York Times sold part of his office.

The Company The New York Times Company (NYTC), which owns the newspaper The New York Times, and another 16 books, has sold part of his office building. This writes the newspaper The New York Times. Now, the company rents a room sold. As a result, sales NYTC was able to gain 225 million dollars, which it plans to spend on debt.
The buyer of an office building NYTC made the American investment company WP Carey & Company. Under the terms of the contract, NYTC has sold the right to rent premises, an area 750 thousand square feet (69.7 thousand square meters), for 15 years for 24 million dollars a year. Over the next 10 years NYTC able to purchase the building back for $ 250 million.
At the end of 2008, debt NYTC was more than a billion dollars, but later the company managed to reduce it. Now the owner of the New York newspapers to pay 49.5 million dollars in November 2009 and $ 250 million in March 2010 on. In addition to money from the sale of the premises, NYTC hopes to raise funds to repay debt by selling a minority share of the baseball team Boston Red Sox and of other assets.
Previously, to repay some short-term debt, NYTC attracted credit of $ 250 million. The money at the end of January 2009 the company has provided the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. As reported at the amount received Slim bonds with a maturity of six years and 14 per cent income.
Building The New York Times was built jointly by NYTC and Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC). His erection has been spent over 600 million dollars. Prior to the transaction by selling 58 percent of office buildings owned by NYTC, and the rest - FCRC.

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