Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saratov sealed the media after the attack on the director.

Saratov police sealed Received pooled media "Sight", on which the Director General on 5 March was attacked. That was reported by Interfax. "
According to the chief editor of the Information Agency "View Info" Nicholas Lyskova, Kirovsky ROVD officers sealed off the office, but did not conduct any investigation. The work of the joint editorial with paralizovana.Na Vadim Rogozhina attacked in the entrance of the house when he returned from work. Unknown attacked him for about ten strokes on the head with sharp objects. He was hospitalized, and now the doctors evaluate his condition as critical. He had an operation.
Presumably, the attack on Vadim Rogozhina been linked to his profession: the March 5, said his colleagues, but on Friday confirmed this version of the journalists a source in law enforcement. As the attack a criminal case. The journalist's colleagues believe that criminals are attempts to zhizn.Rogozhin led media in late January 2009. Prior to that he served as editor-in-chief "Saratov view, which became a holding company, together with the IA" View "and Internet-TV" TV Saratov - video. "

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