Friday, March 6, 2009

Turkish journalist arrested for preparing gosperevorota.

In Turkey, on suspicion of preparing a coup d'état arrested journalist Cumhuriyet Mustafa Balbay (Mustafa Balbay), reported AFP.
In July 2008 it had already been arrested in this case, however, after the interrogation released. Along with him were detained while another 24 people. Meanwhile Balbay himself categorically denies link with the conspirators.
According to AFP, a journalist known for his criticism of the government. Moreover, in Turkey it is suspected of close ties with retired generals, who are accused of attempting to overthrow the government.
Investigation of cases of attempted gosperevorota began in 2007, it was held under a lot of arrests. During the summer of 2008, police arrested 24 people, including two former high-ranking military officers. Most of those arrested belonged to a private organization "Ergenekon" (Ergenekon), which opposes the ruling moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP).
In October, began the trial of 86 accused of terrorism and attempting to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, Turkey's sound assumptions, and thus the government struggles with the opposition.

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