Friday, March 6, 2009

Publishing house "expert" has found sources of funding.

   Manual publishing house "expert", seeking sources of funding in the autumn of 2008, negotiated with a number of Russian banks to attract investment. This March 6, writes the newspaper "Vedomosti", with reference to the director of "expert" Valery Fadeev.
Fadeyev not say exactly which banks have agreed to provide publishing house, missing a few tens of millions of dollars. However, the sources of "Vedomosti" in the "expert" stated that the agreement reached with Vnesheconombank and its subsidiary bank "Globex".
Source of Economy said that the organization with the "expert" are that a child "Globex" gives the publishing house of the loan. Press Secretary "Globex" Svetlana Nikitina this information is not confirmed.
Meanwhile, members of "expert" told "Vedomosti" that he had already promised to repay the debts on wages.
Profit publishing house "expert" at the present time have only magazine "Expert" and the rating agency "Expert RA". Owned publishing house of the magazine "Russian Reporter" and cable TV Expert TV "are unprofitable.

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