Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the UK closed the magazine on the press.

The owners of the British magazine Press Gazette, on the news media industry, announced that beginning with its May issue will be suspended, according to the website edition of April 6.
Shut down simultaneously and printed version, published once a month, and the Internet version of the magazine. Representatives of the group Wilmington Group, holding the Press Gazette, explained its decision so that any attempt to make the publication cost is not crowned with success.
"Unfortunately, the magazine Press Gazette, as well as many others, suffered from a reduction of the market in recent years, and his only losses have grown," - noted in Wilmington Group. At the same time, owners of the magazine promised in time to turn his website into a portal for professional journalists to communicate with each other.
Journal of Press Gazette published since 1965. Until August 2008 he was a weekly, and then - a month. A magazine about 2700 subscribers and the average print run of one issue of 4600 copies.

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