Friday, April 3, 2009

Journalist pokusali letter reader.

In Serov, Sverdlovsk region was attacked at a local correspondent of the newspaper "Globe" Dmitry Skryabin. In an interview with the correspondent Lenty.Ru "he told the evening of April 1, it attacked the Director of Serov's hockey team" Metallurg "Alexander Silenko. It is set on per employee Globus bulldog, argues journalist.
The incident took place near the house number 18 on Victory Street. According to Scriabin, they met with Silenko accident. "I came home through his yard ... and, apparently, he also went to his home. He stopped the car and so we met."
Outside the car, the Director of Serov Metallurg threatened a journalist and tried to hit him. After that, set on Silenko correspondent Globus bulldog. The dog seized in the hands of a journalist, but he managed to escape and run away. Then Skriabin travmpunkt and turned in to the police.
According to Scriabin, the reason for the attack to a publication of critical letters to one of the inhabitants of the "Metallurgy". It was published in 13 editions in Room 9 th page. Dmitry Skryabin stressed that writing the letter in any relationship is not.
The victim in the attack, the journalist added that the director of "Metallurgy" was not detained and that the April 2, he was seen in the center of Serov to walk with the dog. Meanwhile, the incident is already interested in the prosecutor's office. Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal District, requested the prosecutor Yuri Zolotov Sverdlovsk region to investigate reports of an attack.

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