Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The State Duma will protect children from cruelty and violence in the media.

Moscow Duma deputies made to the bill to protect children from adverse publicity in the media and the Internet. This writes the newspaper Kommersant on Tuesday, 7 April.
According to the publication, the authors of the bill on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development "offers fully protect persons under 18 years of information that contains obscene language, prompting for the use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol," justify the permissibility of violence and cruelty " as well as promoting "the denial of family values."
According to Kommersant, is proposed to introduce a complete ban on pornography, and also appeals to the commission of criminal acts. " The term "information" refers to products in the media, books, films, computer games and other audio-visual products to all types of media, available on the internet, mobile communication and through public events. "
At some of the information proposed to impose a limited ban - at about the violence, cruelty, crime and antisocial acts, and products that could "cause the children repeated fears of panic or dread them liable."
In the latter case, for example, overly naturalistic impression of accidents. This information children can get access, depending on getting into one of four age categories, which proposes to introduce legislators: up to 6 years old, from 6 years to 12 years and 16 years. For example, up to 6 years old children can watch "episodic picture of violence" if the plot of "ideas triumph of good over evil", and the age of 12 - to hear from the screen or read in a book some expletive words, not related to the obscene language " .
Furthermore, all producers for the children proposed to require the information to mark its special characters, depending on age group.
The duty to conduct an age classification that is imposed on the manufacturer: the information should be marked signs "6 -, 6 +, 12 + or 16 + in a circle, and is prohibited for children products - an" 18 + "in the diamond .
According to the Kommersant, in accompanying the draft document states that the bill should be considered by Parliament in May 2009, and the text appears 1 Jun, 2009 as the date the law came into force.

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