Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tajikistan broke a contract to broadcast the last Russian TV channel.

Tajik authorities broke a contract with VGTRK broadcast on the territory of the TV channel RTR-Planeta ". According to the head of Tajikistan's State Committee on Television and Radio Asadullo Rahmonov agreement it was decided not to renew, as well as leadership VGTRK refused to repay the amount owed for the year 2008, reports "Interfax".
Rakhmonov said that the debts of seven million dollars. Meanwhile, earlier in Dushanbe said that VGTRK owed for the maintenance of about 4.8 million rubles, but then paid that amount.
Head of State Committee explained that the Russian side has proposed to revise the treaty in May 2010 that, in the opinion of Rakhmonov, lightly.
Broadcast "RTR-Planeta" in the territory of Tajikistan had already stopped briefly at the beginning of March. Then it was a disagreement over the tariff on maintenance, which the Tajik authorities have decided to increase the half due to rising electricity prices. VGTRK subsequently agreed to increase tariffs and confirmed its willingness to sign a contract for 2009.
VGTRK Comments about this situation has not yet been received.

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