Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chief editor of Evening Standard has become a secular reporter.

KommentariiEsche not Evening16.01.2009Biznesmen Alexander Lebedev could buy the Evening Standard newspaper in just one pound
Chief editor of the London Evening Standard newspaper appointed George Greig (Geordie Greig), reported Reuters on Monday, 2 February.
48-year-old Georgie Greig formerly headed the secular monthly magazine Tatler, on the life of high society and Bohemia. Reportedly, he also worked as a reporter in the newspaper The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.
Meanwhile, the British media a lot of writing that Greig was a close friend of Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev, kupivshego January 21, 75,1 percent of shares unprofitable Evening Standard just one pound. Rumors about what Greig headed by Evening Standard appeared in the British press immediately after it became aware of the negotiations between Lebedev and company Daily Mail & General Trust, owner of the newspaper. Registration of the transaction will be completed by mid-February.
In a recent interview with The Sunday Telegraph said Alexander Lebedev, which will publish three years to stop being profitable. The businessman also said that it intends to form an editorial board of the celebrities. In particular, he referred to Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, the soloist U2 Bono and writer Joanne Rowling. Note that, according to the British press, Georgie Greig very well acquainted with all the said persons.

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