Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The cable operator to pay compensation to the audience for pornorolik.

The American cable TV operator Comcast, which is in the air during the broadcast Supercup was shown a pornographic video content brings its users an apology. He also promised to pay compensation to all those who felt offended. That was reported by Associated Press.
February 1 broadcast of the annual U.S. Supercup on American football, carried out Comcast, was interrupted by a 30-second pornorolikom. Representatives of the company immediately issued a statement on the beginning of an internal investigation.
According to Vice President Jennifer Hauri, most likely, it was a deliberate action.
30-second insertion went on the air only in the City of Tucson and its environs. In addition, the insertion is not transmitted through high-definition signal.
The company representatives said that they are willing to pay any of their customers from Tucson, is connected to Comcast via a normal tone, ten dollars. To do this you need to call the company.

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