Monday, February 2, 2009

Former bassist of Guns N 'Roses started working at Playboy.

A former bass guitarist of the group Guns N' Roses Duff Makkagan posotrudnichaet with the magazine Playboy. As reported by Rolling Stone, musician invited to financial column on the website edition.
Sam Makkagan enthusiastically welcomed his appointment, promising to become incorruptible "voice of the people" and, if possible, to expose any dealers on Wall Street.
Makkagan Duff, who was a member of the so-called "classic" of Guns N 'Roses, spoke to the group from 1985 to 1998. After leaving the band he joined in the business school in Seattle. In 2002, along with other former Guns N 'Roses, he created the group Velvet Revolver, which has recorded two albums. In addition, he released two solo albums, as well as three-drive with his project Loaded.
Before Playboy Makkagan have already had experience in the journalistic field: he has a blog on the website edition of Seattle Weekly, where the columnist is also the ex-Nirvana bassist Chris Novoselik.

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