Monday, February 2, 2009

VGTRK Rambler allowed to show your video.

All-Russia State TV and Broadcasting Company has allowed holding Rambler Media to use its free video on their sites, writes Kommersant. Rambler in accordance with the contract will be placed in news videos "West" and a reference to the site of the TV channel.
The agreement reached VGTRK first time without a trial, is distributed at least annually. After a while VGTRK plans to charge for use of their records.
According to head of marketing products Rambler Media Anton Terekhov, there is a need to address the issue of copyrights and the relationship between the major manufacturers and providers of content on the Internet. He proposes to solve its system-level agreements between the major market players. In this case, the amount available to users for viewing content not to be reduced.
Earlier, the contract on the use of video VGTRK was with was achieved with portal The portal will share with VGTRK advertising revenue, but the specific schemes but this section has not yet been determined.
Another resource, social network "in contact", chose to sign a contract trial. Another site, videohosting, is currently in negotiations with VGTRK.

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