Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In January, the world's deaths of 14 journalists.

In January of this year in various countries around the world killed 14 journalists. These data revealed on Monday, February 2, Organization Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), engaged in international monitoring in respect of the rights of the press.
According to the PEC, in January in the Gaza Strip were killed 4 journalist in Russia - 2, Venezuela - 2, Pakistan - 3, in Somalia, Nepal and Sri Lanka were killed by one of the media.
In the Gaza Strip, during the TsAHALom Operation Cast lead "journalists were killed in the air Silava Omar (Omar Silawi), Ibrahim Farah, Basil (Basil Ibrahim Faraj), Eyhab Al-visible (Eyhab Al Whidi) and Ala Hammad Murtaha (Ala Hammad Murtaja ). PEC noted that they worked in the media, korpunkty which were located in Gaza.
In Sri Lanka, January 8, shot by an unknown editor-in-chief of opposition newspaper The Sunday Leader Lasantu Vikramatunga (Lasantha Wickramatunga).
In Venezuela, died reporters Jacinto Lopez (Jacinto Lopez) and Zambrano Orel (Orel Zambrano). The organization does not specify under what circumstances.
In northern Pakistan, when suicide bombings killed two journalists Mohammad Imran (Muhammed Imran) and Tahir Awan (Tahir Awan). Reporter Amir Wakil (Aamir Wakil), was killed in the city of Rawalpindi.
In Nepal, an unknown journalist shot mind Singh (Uma Singh), in Somalia, died radioveduschy Mayov Hassan Hassan (Hassan Mayow Hassan).
January 5, Murmansk journalist, died of "RIA 51" Shafig Amrah, a week after he was shot from a traumatic gun. January 19, died in a Moscow hospital journalist "Novaya Gazeta" Anastasia Baburova, was shot in the assassination of the lawyer Stanislav Markelov.
Press Emblem Campaign Organization said that in 2008 killed 91 reporter, which is every week in the world killed two journalists.

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