Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Intronizatsiya Cyril Moscow not attracted the audience.

   Television intronizatsii patriarch Cyril February 1, looking about the same number of Muscovites, but watching the usual morning program "The First Channel and Russia." On this February 3, writes the newspaper Kommersant, citing information the company TNS Russia.
The study showed that three-hour ceremony for the inauguration of the patriarch in "First Channel" was viewed 5.3 per cent of Muscovites. This is 21.7 per cent of viewers, which at that time was the TV. At the channel "Russia" the same broadcast watched 4 per cent of Muscovites (17 percent turn on your TV).
"Kommersant" noted that if, for each of the two channels separately rating the broadcast intronizatsii is different from the usual morning's ranking, the total number of visitors, smotrevshih broadcast on both channels exceeds the national average. However, if we compare this classification is not with conventional transmissions, and the transmission of other important events, then it ceases to be outstanding.
The newspaper said that the inauguration of President Dmitry Medvedev, for example, in two channels watched 57 percent of Muscovites turn on your TV - about 18 percent more than intronizatsiyu Cyril. The ceremony of farewell to the deceased Patriarch Alexy II at the "First" and "Russia" attracted 50.7 percent of the TV watching the residents of the capital - about 12 percent more than the inauguration of a new head of the ROC.
Meanwhile, intronizatsiya the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia appear on television for the first time.

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