Thursday, February 5, 2009

Russian blogger refused to register his LJ as the media.

KommentariiNasilno Media budesh28.01.2009Bloger not registered as LJ media
Russian blogger Sergei Mukhamedov previously registered his blog "Shades of Gray" as a media Rossvyazkomnadzor filed a statement of revocation of registration. About this blogger said in her LJ on Wednesday, February 4.
Mukhamedov wrote that "the experiment is over." Recall LJ blogger registered as mass media in order to "prove wrong blog register as media. Certificate of registration of the electronic periodical "Shades of Gray" No. 77-34559 was issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Communication and Communication 2 December 2008. This was the first such case in the history of Runet previously no one to register their online blogs as a media.
January 29, became known for holding the reaction of SUP, which owns a "living history". The company representatives said Sergei Mukhamedov violated the company's exclusive right to use the trademark LiveJournal. Sam blogger reported that SUP is preparing Sues him.
Does the prospect of a trial with SUP decisive factor in the decision to revoke the registration, blogger did not specify.

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