Monday, February 2, 2009

Swiss holding company to buy back all the shares of "Edipress-Konliga.

Swiss Edipresse Group Publishing Holding the end of the year will be the sole owner of the Russian publishing house" Edipress-Konliga, bought a further 14.6 per cent of its shares. That was reported by "Kommersant".
According to the expert opinion of leading newspaper, the transaction will be executed, based on an assessment of "Edipress-Konliga" more than 20 million dollars and will last in this market, perfect for pre-crisis prices. According to Kommersant, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian company appointed Andreas Tilk. Previously he was president of Eastern and Southern Europe, the German group Axel Springer, which publishes Forbes magazine in Russia, and Newsweek.
Currently, Edipresse Group owns 85.4 per cent stake in a Russian company, the remaining share owned by the founders' Edipress-Konliga Alexandra Kolosova and Rais-Neyaglovoy Kolosova. Edipresse Group bought 52 percent of Russian publishing house JSC "Kon-League Press" in 2003. "Edipress-Konliga" publishes magazines Viva!, "Most" and others.

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