Friday, March 6, 2009

At the head of the Saratov media "Vision" attack.

At the Saratov journalist Vadim Rogozhina, head of media "Vision" March 5, was attacked. This "" said the editor in chief of the incoming holding news agency "Info View" Nikolai Lykov.
According to Lukova on Rogozhina assaulted in the porch of his house when he came home from work. He was hospitalized with head wounds chooped, his condition is critical.
Colleagues Vadim Rogozhina believe the attack attempt on the life of a journalist. In their view, it is linked to his professional activities.
Rogozhin led holding company, consisting of news, internet television and newspaper opinion Saratov "a month ago. Prior to that, he served as chief editor of the Saratov sight. "

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