Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Lost" and YouTube received Peabody Awards.

Awards for the media Peabody Awards for 2008 were videoportal YouTube, site of the newspaper The New York Times, as well as NBC and ABC television networks for coverage of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and the TV series " Lost "(Lost). This was reported on the official website of Peabody Awards.
According to organizers, "Lost" won the award for that because he had "rewritten the rules of television serials. YouTube, in their opinion, "represents and supports democracy."
The updated site is the newspaper The New York Times received a Peabody Award for "leadership in new forms of journalism." In addition, the awards won for the CNN television coverage of the presidential campaign in the United States.
Overall, it was handed over 36 awards. As noted by Peabody Awards Director Horace Nyukomb (Horace Newcomb), words which leads Associated Press, the list of winners this year clearly reflects the changes in the media environment.
According to him, the people there a wide choice of channels of information - from the best of traditional journalism, emerging on the Internet, to severe criticism in the form of parody and satire.
Peabody Awards The award was established by the University of Georgia in 1940. She served on television, radio, Internet resources, and individuals for achievements in the field of media.

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