Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Party of Regions of Ukraine threatened to take over television.

KommentariiPoslednyaya gastrol01.04.2009Yuschenko addressed a message to the Supreme RadeDeputaty the Verkhovna Rada of the Party of Regions (PR) were threatened with seizure of the parliamentary television channel "Rada" if he did not resume the live broadcast of the session hall, the "Ukrainian Truth", with reference to the statement of "regionalization" Anna German.
According to her, the Party of Regions is also ready to do what is necessary for removal of the guide channel.
"If within half-channel" Rada "does not include room and did not show that the opposition is blocking the parliament, we will have to do everything to remove the channel from the work of leadership" - Herman explained, adding that the parliamentary channel is not a "private benches or for whom, and for the head of the Verkhovna Rada including.
She also told that they can take it for odnopartiytsy conceived: "We just come to the channel and take the leadership of the channel under its control. If they did not know what the freedom of the press, we can show them this."
The frustration caused by the OL off live events taking place in the hall, where the morning April 2, blocked the rostrum and the regional bureau and hang posters with the criticism of the authorities and the parliamentary coalition.
Translation ordered disable Rada Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, who, according to deputies from the Party of Regions, обиделся for the content of some posters, like "Lytvyn, your coalition to rob people."
Currently, channel "Rada" broadcast a documentary about Plato Simirenko - industry-saharozavodchike, one of the founders of the management of gardening in Ukraine, who lived in the middle of the XIX century.

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