Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arkady Gaidamak sell 10 per cent "of media" for one dollar.

Arkady Gaidamak sell 10 percent of their media "United Media's top managers of the company for one dollar in order to increase their motivation, Kommersant daily on Tuesday, 7 April. The deal, according to the publication, to be held until June 2009.
  As it became known "Kommersant", top managers of the holding company United Media (radio Business FM "," 98 hits ", the portal Bfm.ru), including Daniel Kupsin, Dmitry Solopov and Yegor Altman, until June 2009 implementing option to purchase 10 percent of the company's supervisory co-owner Arcadia Gaidamaka. Thus the owner expects to increase the motivation of managers in crisis situations, in particular, to restart the radio 98 hits.

The proportion of top managers' United Media "Daniel Kupsina, Dmitry Solopova, Egor Altman and others will rise from 15 to 25 percent, said in an interview with the publication of Daniel Kupsin, Director of the company.
According to the publication, OOO "United Media are now consists of a radio station" Business FM "," 98 hits ", the newspaper Business & FM, Bfm.ru. portal Revenues "of the media" in 2008 amounted to 340 million rubles, net loss - 29.6 million rubles.
Kommersant wrote that the package Arcadia Gaidamaka at United Media in 2008, shrinking is not the first time. In early 2008 the businessman handed over 15 per cent "Rindek Group Ltd. (100-percent owner" of the media ") and Daniel Kupsinu Dmitry Solopova, as well as Chief Editor of" Business FM "Eugene Revzina for successful launch of the station.
In an interview with the publication of Daniel Kupsin, explained that after all the transactions Arkady Gaidamak still remain the owner of more than 51 percent "of the media."

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