Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tbilisi newspapers, accused the police of beating journalists.

Editorial Staff of Georgian newspaper "Version", accused the Tbilisi police, as well as chief of patrol police in the capital of Georgia, beating journalists. According to the representatives of the "Version", a reporter and photographer editions were beaten by police during the preparation of a report on the actions of local youth movement, "Why?" near the building of public television, Interfax reports.
As amended by "Version" underline that "the head of the Tbilisi Patrol Police Gegechkori George personally took part in the massacre of members of the newspaper." To prove these allegations, "Version" promised in the near future to publish the photographs, which "show evidence of exceeding police powers and the beating of journalists."
Interfax also argues that the police arrested six members of the movement, "Why?". To clarify this, a protest held by activists of "Why?" Was not sanctioned by the authorities.

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