Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arrested in Iran journalist accused of espionage.

American journalist Roxana Saber, who was arrested in Iran on 31 January, April 8, were charged with espionage, reports Reuters. The reason for the charges was that the journalist, a freelancer has continued to cooperate with the Western media after the end of its license the press.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran stated that, under the pretext of preparing reports for the BBC, NPR and other media Roxana Saber had spied for the United States. The journalist was in Iran for the past six years, and its license expires in 2006 godu.31-year-old Roxana Saber is a civilian U.S. and Iran. She was born and raised in North Dakota, and her parents live in the United States. They are currently in Iran, which came to meet with his daughter. According to relatives in custody almost 2.5 months Saber remained depressed state.
Iranian authorities constantly suspect the U.S. intention to change the political system of Islamic Republic. Meanwhile, Washington requires Iran to provide full and objective information on the country's ongoing nuclear development, that the world community to ensure their peaceful purpose.

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