Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Google director complained about the slow sites of newspapers.

Google director Eric Schmidt in a meeting with representatives of the American Association of Newspapers printed newspaper called on to accelerate the download site, says Gawker. Schmidt said that as long to read online newspapers takes longer than reading the paper. According to him, this deficiency can be corrected by technical means.
Schmidt praised the newsmen for the launch of blogs on the web, calling it a job well done. At the same time he proposed to limit not only blogs, but stressed that it would make not only this. What exactly he meant, Gawker is not telling.
In late March, the largest publishing houses and companies have asked Google to search the priority of issuance. Sites that use their selling exclusive content, they are considered "parasites" and complained that references to the source output is lower than it should.
Meeting of the advisory board of publishers with Google will be held on April 30. It will be attended by BusinessWeek, ESPN, Hearst, Meredith, The New York Times, Time Inc. and The Wall Street Journal.

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