Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Associated Press prohibit post your content in news aggregators.

Associated Press Agency bans news aggregators, search engines and other online resources to publish their news without permission, reports The New York Times.
Managers divideth the Associated Press that the various sites, including news aggregators, partially or completely published news owned agency without a license. Because of this agency is losing revenue.
In particular, Associated Press does not like that news aggregators place advertising links about the news, by the agency. This contract with the Associated Press, these sites do not.
Associated Press to publish their news only resources, which concluded an agreement. At the sites that publish news Associated Press without a license, the agency will submit to the court.
In the middle of last year, representatives from Associated Press said that bloggers, like copying the whole news, and quotations, in violation of copyright law. Accordingly, they do not have the right to publish in their online diaries, news Associated Press without permission.
Then, it was reported that in the Associated Press did not object to links bloggers in their news. However, the agency is not satisfied with a situation in which the quote appears in a blog without modification. Associated Press offered to bloggers just summarize or paraphrase your own words, Materials Agency.

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