Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The magazine Burda replaced the chief editor.

In the same magazine Burda publishing house turned editor-in-chief. Head of the magazine almost since its appearance in Russia, Mikhail Lezhnev gave way to Glavred Eugenia Killy, reported on the website Media Guide.
Rearrangements in the manual edition of the magazine Burda occurred even April 1. Lezhnev, leaving the post of chief editor, will continue its cooperation with the publishing house as a consultant. In PH Burda Michael Lezhnev since 1995, when he became chief editor of the same journal. In addition, at different times under his guidance, published "My beautiful garden," "Liza. My cozy house," "Flowers in the house", Anna, Verena, and "Liza. Bon appetit."
New Glavred Burda Yevgenia Killy will combine this post with the edited edition MINI. In the magazine publishing houses Burda "she came from the Independent Media Publishing House in 2004. Killy was the editor of fashion magazine section MINI, and in 2005 became chief editor.

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