Monday, April 6, 2009

Employees "lights" demanded a salary through the courts.

Staff PH Ogonek "who did not receive salaries for November and December 2008, asked the court Basmannyj Moscow publishing house arrest equipment. This is stated in the treatment team magazine posted on the website Media Guide. By the statement joined by the former employees "lights", which has also not been paid arrears of wages and compensation for maternity leave. The officers left the publishing house, as the staff of "lights" was forced to leave without pay in January and February, and they were left without means of livelihood, said the obraschenii.Pervye hearing will be held April 13 in Basmannyj court. However, employees' lights' claim that over time the likelihood that they will receive money, decreases: they said, all the property in advance of the publishing house was taken to another office, as part of the assets transferred to PH "Kommersant".
Release the magazine Ogonyok was suspended in January 2009. Editor-in-chief Viktor Loshak explained it was "disturbing at times, which is experiencing because of the editorial restructuring. In March it was announced that the Journal will IP Kommersant. The Director-General of the publishing house Demyan Kudryavtsev said that in the first stage of cooperation in the "lights" are not planned, and the editorial staff of permutations, but the main challenge will be the resumption of a magazine.

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