Monday, April 6, 2009

Lead author of Fox News dismissed for a review to "glutton".

VideoVtoroy movie trailer "People X: glutton" 05.03.2009Ego past holds terrible taynuProdolzhaet gather momentum scandal leakage in the network copy of the film "Men X. Home. Glutton." According to Variety, the management of the company Fox News, part of the corporation News Corp., Dismissed the author's popular blog by Roger Friedman (Roger Friedman) placed in the diary for a review pirated copy of the movie.
In his article, Friedman, in particular, wrote that, despite some of the incomplete special effects, the film has made him very impressed. Later the material was removed from blogs Fox News, and 20th Century Fox Film has condemned its author. Roger Friedman was one of the most popular columnist Fox News.
Recall that Film 20th Century Fox is trying to prevent the spread of the film in the network and at the same time start an internal investigation to determine the source of leakage. By case, experts involved in the American Association kinoproizvoditeley and the FBI.
"The People X. Home. Glutton" tells of the origin of the main character of "X People" - mutant called glutton. The film should open some secrets of the past wolverine, in particular, its participation in a military program "Weapon X", as well as provide the audience is already well-known heroes and new people X.
Directed is the creator of "Tsotsi" Gavin Hood, won the 2006 Oscar in the category "Best Foreign Film." In the lead roles in the film "Men X. Glutton" Hugh took Dzhekman and Liv Schreiber. The film goes in the world rolled 1 May, 2009.

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