Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Florida banned the continuation of the "Osborne Family."

Fox television unit in the town of Panama City, Florida, refused to broadcast a popular series continued with the family musician Ozzy Osbourne "Osbourne: Reboot" ( "Osbournes: Reload"), tells Rolling Stone .
After watching the video shestiminutnogo TV channel manager WPGX Fox 28 David Kevilir series called "inappropriate and contrary to public interest." "According to MTV, this should be a comedy-entertainment show, but it is hardly possible to think of anything worse than this" - said Kevilir.
The first episode of "Osborn: rebooting" was aired the evening of March 31, but the decision WPGX Fox 28, he was replaced by animation series "Simpsons", which will continue to appear on the radio instead of TV.
The decision triggered angry reactions channel viewers 37 thousandth city are indignant at the fact that WPGX Fox 28 decided for them that they can see and what does not.
Premiere reality show "The Osbourne Family" was held on the MTV channel on 5 March 2002. In the same year the film received the Emmy. For three years, TV has produced 52 series of 24 minutes. The last episode went on air on 21 March 2005.

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