Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sergei ÐавÑоди become the leading television on swindlers.

Founder of the financial pyramid MMM Sergey Мавроди become the leading TV show on swindlers and fraudsters. About this portal told TV Eugene Forest.
It is anticipated that Мавроди the Forest, and will lead the program together: the show will be based on their conversations about the types of fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim of swindlers. Earlier in an interview with the publication of "" Мавроди reported that several issues had already removed the TV. Cooperate with the show, which was called "The Pyramid" and go on one of the central TV channels, the founder of MMM intention "on a voluntary basis."
According to Мавроди, appearing on television he would be in the same clothes, which is now in everyday life: sports suits and running shoes.
Future TV also reported on plans for cooperation with Israeli hip-hop team. Recall earlier Sergei Мавроди overlaid on a website a compilation of songs on the well-known classical melodies. In addition, in May 2008 published a book of Sergei Мавроди "Temptation." Sergei Мавроди was arrested in January 2003 and convicted of fraud. He was freed in May 2007. The court ordered him to compensate the depositors of financial pyramid MMM of their losses. Total debt amounted to 300 million rubles.

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