Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Belarus limit broadcasts of Russian TV channels.

Since April 1, cable operators would cease broadcasting the programs of Belarus several Russian TV channels. Reported "Charter'97. According to the publication of the program grid operators will be deleted, NTV-Mir, TVC-International, ORT-International and the REN-TV.
Indication to stop retransmission of the Belarusian cable TV channels received from the ideological divisions of local authorities. Mogilev oblast executive committee confirmed this information, noting that this is not the initiative of regional authorities. "We are in shock, - said a staff member of ideological division. - Received an order from Minsk, the Ministry of Information." According to her, similar orders were sent "all over the country."
The Ministry of Information, where asked "Charter'97, refused to comment on the situation. The representative office has expressed astonishment inform journalists. "This is interesting, yet nothing is muted, but you already know" - he said.
There has explained the Head of the Department of cable operator Cosmos TV Elena Klyuykova. According to her, these Russian channels are not required to permit the continuation of the broadcast. In this procedure, she said, was a few months. The representative of "Cosmos TV" expressed the view that the disconnection of these channels is not politically motivated. According to her, in the broadcasting schedule of cable operators to replace the other Russian television channels, such as "News 24".
Note that in previous years, during the exacerbation of relations between Belarus and Russia came rumors of a possible prohibition of the Russian media in the republic. But they have not received confirmation.
However, the Belarusian authorities have taken several steps against certain Russian media. Thus, at the CIS summit in Minsk, which was held in late 2006, was refused accredited journalists "Moscow Komsomolets" and "Kommersant". Head of Press Service of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Paul Light, that these publications insulted the head of the Belarusian State. You may also recall the incident in October 2008, when the transfer of Russia's First Channel "Prozhektorperishilton", the Belarusian TV channel ONT broadcast was cut off with a piece of jokes to Alexander Lukashenko.

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