Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Cuba, rose last korpunkt American newspapers.

The only worked in Cuba korpunkt American newspapers will soon be closed, reports AFP. Sun-Sentinel newspaper of Florida State has decided to withdraw from Cuba, his constant correspondent Ray Sanchez (Ray Sanchez), and close a representative office in Havana.

On closing korpunkta AFP on Tuesday, March 31, the representative of Sun-Sentinel, prefers to remain unnamed. Officially, the publisher of the newspaper until this information is not confirmed. According to the interlocutor AFP, close korpunkt Cuba Sun-Sentinel, drove the financial difficulties facing the newspaper. Sun-Sentinel publishing house owned by Tribune, announced in December 2008 bankruptcy.

Since 2004, when Havana was closed korpunkt Dallas Morning News, the newspaper Sun-Sentinel has remained the only American daily newspaper, who worked as a permanent correspondent in Cuba.

Among other U.S. media, whose korpunkty work in Cuba, the agency Associated Press and the television channel CNN.

Earlier, two other publications, publishing house owned by Tribune, - Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune - have announced to merge its korpunktov overseas in one network. Then, it was reported that a joint international edition will serve the newspaper and other publishing houses.

On the loss as a result of 2008, associated with falling revenues from advertising and the decline in the number of retail sales and subscriptions have declared many American newspapers. Some newspapers, for example, New York Times and Washington Post have announced the reduction of the state. Other publications, including the Christian Science Monitor and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, decided to go to the online version, rather than the printed editions.

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