Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the Kyrgyz Republic found gun murder of journalist Alisher Saipova.

Law enforcement agencies in Kyrgyzstan have found the gun, which in October 2007 was shot and killed a journalist Alisher Saipov. About IA "24.kg".
The weapons were seized from the traffickers, who was arrested in late February in the Batken region. As specified, it is a Makarov pistols with erased identification numbers.
A study of expert forensic center MIA, it was determined that the killer Saipova used by this gun. It also shows that of the weapons fired during a brawl outside a night club "XO" in Bishkek, which occurred in mid-February.
Information on whether a detainee traffickers to do with the murder of a journalist, not yet.
Alisher Saipov was shot dead outside the city of Osh on 24 October 2007. Reported that he repeatedly shot a handgun. The murder has still not been disclosed.
Alisher Saipov published in Kyrgyzstan uzbekoyazychnuyu newspaper Siesat "(" Policy "), he also worked with the Voice of America, Radio Liberty," the BBC ", the publication Fergana.Ru and Uznews.net. The journalist made a sharp criticism of the Uzbek authorities. After his assassination, many of his colleagues speculated that the crime cost the Uzbek special services.

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