Thursday, April 2, 2009

The oldest film in the world close because of low ratings.

TV CBS will stop shooting and the television show "guiding light" ( "Guiding Light"), lasts 72 years, the Associated Press April 1. The last episode of the film shown September 18, 2009.
The decision to close the SBS management project due to a difficult financial situation of the company and a significant decline in the popularity of the series in recent years. Among the eight days of television in American television broadcast of "guiding light" the lowest rating. According to experts, this situation has arisen from the fact that significantly reduced the target audience the series - female housewives looking television in the daytime.
Attempts to update the series and focused on the younger audience, made in the 2000's, were not crowned with success.
The series' guiding light "appeared on NBC radio January 25, 1937, and since 1952 he has appeared in the afternoon broadcast channel CBS, will soon become classics of the genre. Throughout its history, it was 357 times nominated for various awards and received 94 awards, including 68 awards Emmy Daytime Award. The series' guiding light 'into the "Guinness World Records as the longest soap opera in the world.

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