Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Belarus, the reasons mute Russian TV.

Sectoral Telecommunication Union Belarus (TOC), the reasons for which the country from April 1, stopped transmission of Russian television channels on cable networks. The representatives of T & E, as states said, referring to the need to support the local channels in the fight for advertising revenue.
To refine the data from the cable operators broadcast nets will be removed five Russian channels: First Channel - The World Network, RTR-Planeta, NTV-Mir, REN-TV and TVC-International. Correspondingly the decision, according to the agency, was adopted on 1 April at a meeting of the board TOS, which includes more than 90 broadcasters Belarus.
According to the Executive Director of Union Sergei Kazannikova off associated with disadvantageous to the Belarusian side the distribution of revenues from advertising. As the representative of PICs, because of the loss of advertising on Russian TV channels that broadcast in the country, the Belarusian channels are losing big money. Kazannikov argues that the decision to terminate the retransmission of these channels the Russian side "did understand." There was no political motivation, he said, in the actions of the Belarusian side is not.
Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Vasily Hrol, commenting on the situation, said that the reason for switching off a "dispute of business entities." What specifically described, it is not explained. Earlier, the representative of the cable operator Cosmos TV Elena Klyuykova stated that the Russian TV channels will be disabled because they did not receive the necessary permission to continue broadcasting in Belarus. It was also reported that the decision was made not by the operators and the Ministry of Information of the country.
The Ministry of Information argued that the audience in this situation should not be affected. Free up space in the broadcasting schedule of cable operators will, inter alia, the joint version of the TV channels: NTV-Belarus and RTR-Belarus.
Earlier, as reported by Interfax, the Russian embassy in Minsk said that he expects the official comments of Belarusian authorities in connection with the disconnection of Russian channels.
In previous years, the recall, during the exacerbation of relations between Moscow and Minsk have appeared rumors about the possible banning of Russian media in the territory of Belarus. But they have not received confirmation.

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