Friday, April 3, 2009

Playboy TV fined for showing programs for adults.

The British Agency for supervision and regulation of the media (Ofcom) Playboy TV channel fined for 22.5 thousand pounds (more than 32 thousand U.S. dollars), informs BBC News. The reason for the penalty was a show on the air Channel Seven programs erotic content.
Show for adults were shown on air Playboy One in 2007, when television was free and unencrypted. Already in February, the program was heavily edited broadcasts: the most candid transmission was removed from the schedule, and in September 2008, Playboy One replaced on TV for adults with paid access.
Supervisory authorities have received five complaints of demonstrated on-air show, including a program called "Appetizing neighbor." Audience outraged explicit scenes, as well as expressed in the programs of speech and expression.
Four years ago, Playboy One TV channel was fined Ofcom to 25 thousand pounds for showing a pornographic movie, in violation of schedules.

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