Friday, April 3, 2009

"BBC" was fined for obscene jokes radioveduschih.

British Broadcasting Corporation "BBC" punished a fine of 150 thousand pounds sterling for obscene jokes leading Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, were broadcast by Radio 2 in October 2008. The penalty imposed by the Office of Communications (Office of Communications, Ofcom), which supervises the electronic media, reports BBC News.
In addition, by decision of the regulator, the corporation is obliged to report on punishment in the air. Representatives of the "BBC" has once again admitted his guilt and stated that such materials should not appear on the air.
The scandal, which resulted in Brand resigned from the radio station Radio 2 and Ross has been suspended for three months from the ether, flamed when they call on the answering machine 78-year-old British actor Andrew Sachs. They left him several obscene messages, in particular, Brand said that go with Sachs granddaughter, 23-year-old Georgina Baillie.
Perturbation of the audience and shared some politicians, particularly Prime Minister Gordon Brown called the behavior radioveduschih "obscene and impermissible." "BBC" apologized old actor, his granddaughter, and all the spectators. A personal apology to Sachs, said the leading agents.
Returning after weaning from the ether into the studio, Jonathan Ross, the newly aroused the anger of some of the listeners. At this time, he told producer Andy Davis in the form of charitable giving "last night before the tomb of" dementia 86-year-old woman.
Became popular because of its defiance in the air, Ross is one of the most highly paid radioveduschih "BBC" - his annual salary is around six million pounds sterling.

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