Thursday, April 2, 2009

UPC investigating attempted bribe "Novaya Gazeta.

Investigatory Committee at the Russian prosecutor's office in Moscow, initiated a criminal investigation into the attempted bribery of journalists" Novaya Gazeta ", said Kommersant. The main suspects in favor 22-year-old Dmitry Kopylov.

At the end of March was Kapylou Received "Novaya Gazeta". He introduced and invited Dmitry Krestovsky 3-4 million rubles, "to correct an editorial policy."

Journalists raise suspicion that they provocateur. Kopylov said, that has been adjusted a number of editorial policy publications, including the highly influential, but as it turned out he was not possessed a professional newspaper terminology.

Moreover, as noted in the wording of "Novaya Gazeta", Krestovsky-Kapylou unnaturally loudly asked, What are the costs to custom text. The journalists decided that the entire conversation, he writes in the voice recorder.

Editors asked the management to combat economic crime GUVD Moscow. Kopylov was arrested at the time of the transfer of 89 thousand rubles as an advance for a custom material. Then it turned out his real name. He is charged under article 204 Criminal Code ( "commercial bribery"), which provides penalties of up to three years' imprisonment.

As reported by "Kommersant", the "New Newspaper" no doubt that the provocation is prokremlevskoe youth movement "Nashi", to which the Kapylou. It is noted that Kapylou actively participated in several events "nashistov, in particular under the car threw a rake of the opposition leaders - Mikhail Kasyanov.

The representatives of "our" does not deny that Kapylou one time was a member of the movement, but note that he went to participate in it about a year ago. Dmitry Kopylov argues that placing proplachenny material in the "New newspaper" he was asked some girl.

Recall that in late March between the "Novaya Gazeta" and the movement "Nashi" a conflict. Edition published material, which noted that one of the commissioners, "our" could be involved in the March 23 attack occurring Boris Nemtsov in Sochi. "Our response indicated their intention to apply for a newspaper to court.

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